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Is your service confidential?

When you place an order with, we ask you to provide your data, such as your name, contact details, and email address. We use this data only to keep you informed on the status of the assignment.

Please note that our assistance team will only contact you via email or from the registered phone number stated on the website. Kindly abstain from communicating with those who introduce themselves as support staff and reach out to you from different phone numbers to secure our cooperation.

We use a secure encoded connection and do not store your private data. For more details about confidentiality, please read our Privacy Policy.

We only offer model papers to our clients, which can be used for several purposes if adequately referenced:

1. For direct citation
2. As a reference/model paper for additional understanding of the subject
3. As a source of ideas for your research

Our Experts (writer’s) have several academic qualifications (from LLM’s to PhD level), due to which they quickly understand your context and provide the model paper as per your specifications. To ensure the quality of our service, we carefully investigate each Expert’s skill set and accordingly allocate you a dedicated Expert.

While placing an order with us, you can choose a period within which a model paper will be delivered to you. The timeline will start automatically when your payment is reflected in our system. For example, if you pay for your Order at 4:00 PM on Tuesday and choose the 4-day delivery option, you shall receive your model paper by 4:00 PM on Saturday.

On our Order Now page, you can request several on-demand options, including submitting your paper within a few hours. The earliest deadline for submission currently available with us is 6 hours.

You will be provided with a printable Microsoft Word file. The file will be in My Downloads, and you will be able to access it. Alternatively, we shall also mail you the final paper.

You most certainly can request a refund in some cases. You can find further details about our refund policy under our official revision and refund policy page.

If you are a recurring customer, you can ask for an expert who formerlyaccomplished your assignment. However, the Expert may be preoccupied with one or two other projects in some circumstances. In that case, we shall offer a resource of comparablecaliber and assign them to your Order.

You can connect with the Expert assigned to you via our assistance staff team by delivering across your communications. Alternatively, you can also mail us the specifics required to be sent further.

When you go through our website and testimonials, you will know the number of people who rely on our services is commendable. Our experts are incredibly experienced, and we have been in this sector for numerous years. We know the needs of our clients and deliver complete satisfaction.