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Assignment by Operation of Law

The concept of assignment by operation of law is a legal principle encompassing the automatic conveyance of rights and responsibilities from one party to another due to particular circumstances as defined by the law itself. In contrast to deliberate assignments where parties purposefully convey rights through a mutual agreement, assignment by operation of law takes place irrespective of the parties' intentions.

Understanding Assignment by Operation of Law

Assignment by operation of law emanates from specific events or conditions that trigger the transition of rights. These occurrences are typically predetermined by statutory and regulatory provisions. The transfer transpires without necessitating an overt accord among the involved parties. Grasping the precise events that activate assignment by operation of law is imperative for a comprehensive comprehension of its implications.

Instances of Assignment by Operation of Law

Numerous scenarios instigate assignment by operation of law, including:


Upon the demise of an individual, their assets, rights, and responsibilities are apportioned to their lawful heirs. This transference transpires by the operation of law by the stipulations outlined in inheritance laws.


In the context of business entities undergoing bankruptcy, the rights, and obligations of the entity are shifted to a trustee or administrator designated by the court. This ensures a just allocation among creditors and stakeholders.

·Merger and Acquisition

In the course of corporate mergers or acquisitions, contractual rights, and obligations are automatically transferred to the newly established entity. This transfer is governed by distinct laws and regulations concerning commercial transactions.

Assignment by Operation of Law

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