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Contemporary Business Law Assignment Help

Any student pursuing business law will come across Contemporary Business Law assignments as law students usually whine and find the task challenging. Contemporary business law is also called commercial or mercantile law, which consists of a body of rules to regulate the transactions and dealings between companies, government entities and individuals.

Areas of Contemporary Business Law Assignment Help

Contemporary business law may fall under two broad areas:

·         Company laws

o   Corporate governance

o   Corporate finance

·         Commercial laws

o   Contractual laws

o   International trade laws

o   Intellectual property laws

o   Competition laws

o   Labour laws

Company Laws and Major Areas of Company Laws

Regarding Contemporary Business Law Essay, company law’s chief purpose is how to regulate a corporation or company as a separate legal entity. This helps companies to have their own rights and duties as a corporation. The company law can be divided into two basic laws:

Corporate governance

According to our experts, corporate governance is a broad set of principal, laws and regulatory instruments concerning the duties and rights of the shareholders, role and responsibility of the board, their interests, integrity, and ethical behaviour on the part of the company relating to the various accounting standards.

Corporate finance

The second part of company law under contemporary business law assignment is the area of corporate finance, which deals with the sources of raising capital and restructuring a company's capital.

Commercial Laws and Major Areas of Commercial Laws

We have concentrated on one aspect of business laws. As stated earlier in our contemporary business law assignment help, it deals with the transactions and dealings of corporations and companies have with individuals. The major areas of commercial laws are:

Contractual laws

Contractual laws differ from country to country depending on whether the country follows civil law statutes or common law statutes. In common law practice, a contract is a legal agreement between two or more legal entities, entered voluntarily by the parties, creating certain legal obligations to be fulfilled.

International trade laws

International trade laws deal with the rules and customs which define and regulate international trade between two nations. They deal with trade obstacles, customs, tariff guidelines etc. Refer to our Business Law help services.

Intellectual property laws

This deals with the issuance of patents, branding, copyright, trademark etc. Refer to our Business Law Assignment helper for detailed data.

Competition laws

Competition laws refer to a body of laws legislated by the administration to avoid unfair competition among corporations, regulate business misconduct, and protect the customers' rights. Competition laws deal with anti-trust, fair trade, pricing, prolonged warranty, product recollection, and transparency. Receive help for your Business Law Essay.

Labor laws

Laws that define and regulate employers, workers, and management are called labor laws. Some of the fundamental issues are child employment, labor associations, individual employment etc. A person can charge a company for breach of labor contracts decided upon by both parties. Our Business Law research paper help can assist you more on this.

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